Scooper On "Doody" - Get the scoop on "poop"
Canine Waste Clean-up

Let's face it, no one really likes to pick up "poop", but it is a necessary task.  Whether you are physically unable, don't have time, or just don't want to do it, we are here to help.

If not properly disposed of, dog feces, aka "doody", may contaminate the water supply and attract rodents.  It can contain potentially harmful parasites and cause disease to you, your family, and pets.  Avoid tracking the unwanted substance into your home, not to mention...THE SMELL! Dog waste is not a good fertilizer, so removal will improve the quality of your lawn, and your neighbors will appreciate the gesture too!

Pet Care

Pet sitting and dog walking available

Dogs, cats, and horses. We are always up for a challenge, so call about care for any type of pet.

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